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General Mach Discussion / Modbus with PLC... unconventional problem
« on: August 23, 2016, 09:04:45 PM »
Gentlemen, really looking for some advice here regarding modbus from mach 3 to a click plc. In the attached pictures you'll get a pretty good idea whats troubling me. If you start at "capture3" those are my plc's internal modbus addresses correct?? Capture 2 shows where I try to enter it in the Brains it gives me the error not allowing a number so large.... I think I have the rest of the settings right correct? Cature1 one shows everything working just swell in the test modbus. I can control all outputs manually here... I feel as though Im missing something big here, Why does every modbus example I see have the address as 1, or 2, (small numbers) and Im in the 8000's....

Any advice greatly appreciated....

Im doing a very large retrofit on a hobby machine in my garage... Its a Morbidelli Author 600K that I picked up for a steal of a price. Will be using Leadshine Easy Servos... starting with a 3.5kw spindle.... eventually switching to the atc when the money is there for a spindle. Moving 6300lbs 8'wide 16 long beast into a 24x24 shop sure got some looks from the neighbours and some hefty eye rolls from the wife. 

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