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Can anyone please advise how I can assign 2 output pins to activate from M4 in Mach .
My problem is that the sangmutan drive needs two pins to go active low to reverse the spindle.

Specifically I've connected DCM on my Xhc card to GND on connector CN15 on the drive control
I've connected FWD on the Xhc to S/P on the drive,
And I have connected REV on Xhc to F/R on the drive,

FWD is controlled by M3
REV is controlled by M4

However when I use M4, I also need to have S/P on the drive to get a signal as if I'd commanded M3

Hopefully my explanation is adequate, and somebody can advise, but essentially I need to activate FWD and REV simultaneously on my Xhc control using the M4 command in Mach

Any suggestions please?


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