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SmoothStepper USB / SmoothStepper USB & Encoders for idiots
« on: May 29, 2010, 05:53:37 PM »
I have a 1934 Index Mill running on SolidWorks/FeatureCam/ Mach3/smoothstepper/keling c11 board/gecko servo drives/ Community gate opener 12v dc motors modified  with US Digital E5 200 count rotary encoders attached to their back ends for the last year and a half with beautifully results and no problems. How I maneged this is a big question?  But now I would like to add the same US Digital  Rotary E5 encoders to my mill table,   (not to the back of the motors ) and have the smooth stepper board read them on port 3 / Mach3 /settings display for manual operation.   Ive played with this for four days now and Iam lost.  Iam lost on the settings for the port and pins/encoder/Mpg on Mach3.   The smooth stepper manual on page 20  says     1A = pin 1,    1B = pin 2,   1I = pin 3,       2a = pin 4,   2B = pin 5,   2I = pin 6   While the board itself has 11 pins and 2 are 5v and grnd. that leaves 9 pins,  3 are direct and the last six are differential.   Here's where Iam lost. Can anyone decipher this for me. On the port and pins /encoder,what should the setting be?     
                                                                                                                                         Thank You

Hi Everyone    I need help  Iam at my witts end           I've converted from steppers to servos on one of my milling machines and mach3 seems to have gone stupid, well maybe I did. I have several problems and maybe someone can help me with.  First I have a new Smothe Stepper board onto an cnc4you C11 breakout board going to three 320's gecko drives powering two 1/2 horse brushed 24 vdc motors on the X and Y and 1/10 hp on the Z axis all on US DIGITAL 5 encoders with wire lenght under 7 feet.  Iam exagerating but they dont seen to be able to cut thru wet tissue paper!  No power?. I have the Gain  and Limit settings all the way up on the geckos and the Dampener abuot 75 % up and the are steady and sound and run good, untill you put metal in front of them. Ive considered putting the Gecko drives right by the motors? I live in South Florida and my phone No. is 954 347 5807 If some could help either by phone or here I would apprisiate it..........                HHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP

Mach Screens / Turn 110v AC router on and off?
« on: August 26, 2007, 02:02:29 PM »
I'am the new kid on the block and need lot's of help. I have the xylotec 4 axis system and it works like a dream, no problems at all.
however I would like to be able to turn my 110v AC router on and off thru Mac3 .   Can it be done with the xylotec system?.  If so how?.
Power relays?  thanks for anyones help.

General Mach Discussion / stuck on external estop
« on: June 30, 2007, 03:56:13 PM »
i just purchased digital Rockcliff cnc machine plans over the net and the Mach3  software was included. Iam totaly new at cnc software and working  with it to get to know it, nothing seems to work . its constantly asking for an external Estop on the bottom left hand corner.?
I have no hardware hooked up, and the reset botton is useless?   somebody help me.
also looking to start building a small cnc router and help selecting hardware would be appreciated.

thanks ticoe

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