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Hello, some more detail: I have disabled "home slave with master" in General Config. A home switch has been installed for the Y and A axis. But when hitting the REF button in diagnostics for Y, only the Y axis moves home, and the position for the A axis does not change even if I attempt to change that position manually. A and Y move together under ordinary operation fine. But A axis will not home at same time as Y. Thanks


Hello, new here, first here is what about 2-3 days of machining looks like for botched work:

I've been running this machine for several months without issue, far as I know no missing steps, but today it seemed like the X was suddenly off by .1 inch twice during 3 hour cuts.

I have rotary encoders from Digikey and 4 axis mill (2 slave drives for the Y) and was thinking of getting the Encoder Interface Board


Some of these jobs are expensive taking a few days and expensive wood. I am just hoping to take out 'insurance' on the part by specifying an allowable deviation, say of .005", on any given axis before Mach 3 or 4 shuts down the machine waiting for me. Is anything like this possible?

Since I just bought the G540 about 4 months ago, with the great rep it has would like to avoid servos!! Thanks


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