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Hi all!

I'm a newbie at the CNC world but a tenured IT professional. I'm trying to help a bud with his CNC/Computer problem.

He is using Mach3 on a Dell PC, XP, MDFly CV2501 CNC breakout board and a JCUT-1325B-2 CNC Table.

At one point the table did work (estimated 1 hr?). However since then the PC has been turned off for a few months, process has been forgotten and here is where I walk in.

So now I'm trying to troubleshoot the thing and it seems to have connectivity issues between the App and the table. The LPT Port is plugged up. If you adjust settings in the LPT Device Properties the table will make a grunt sound. From what I am reading, the I/O Range number needs to be in Port 1 (0x378) which I have done (and I have played with the 0x778) and I have played with the "kernel speeds" and we just can't seem to make it 'Jog' (with the Tab Button)

I have what seems to be the standard configuration options enabled.

Thoughts on what I'm not doing correct or should try next??

Thanks for your time,


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