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Hi Mach3 Users
I`m from Costa Rica, recently buy a Hobby CNC milling machine from CNC-multitool from Germany (http://www.cnc-multitool.com/CUT1600S.asp). Very happy with it!
Very happy to write here and hopefuly to share whith this comunity
I'm not a english writer but I understand much more than I can write.

Last week I have a problem when I migrate from Win-7 to Win-10, the machine has like a hiccup! simple freeze in a line, but no lost any info, just need to reset and start again or manualy move in other axis and go again!! The worse part is that happen randomly but very frecuently. Somebody know this issue and have any clue about it?



win 10 64bit
HD 500GB
UC100 USB Motion Controller (last version)

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