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General Mach Discussion / Altivar 320 VFD + ESS Smoothstepper + Mach4
« on: December 25, 2019, 10:02:29 AM »
Sadly I have zero experience with this unit/brand. At this point, I really really  really looking for an assistance to set the parameters up properly along with the wiring of an ATV320U75M3C https://tinyurl.com/u6wlkzn

This ATV320 is a replacement for a perished Huanyang VFD (HY).
So the Mach4 and the  ESS is currently configured and wired to run the HY.
Unfortunately the interface of the ATV320 looks nothing like HY

I have a single phase 240V to a three phase 2.2kW spindle.

Thank you, Erik.

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