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General Mach Discussion / stepper motor slow but still stalls
« on: May 21, 2016, 10:23:29 AM »
I am new to CNC and need some help. In April, I bought a kit from Wantai motors which included a breakout board, cable, three DQ 542 MA drivers, three 57BYGH115–003B stepper motors and a 350W 36V power supply. I placed the motors on a Jet JMD 18 with a 4:1 gear reduction for X and Y axis and a 3:1 reduction for Z axis. My drivers are set on 2.84 A and 400 steps with switch 4 turned off. I've connected breakout pins 2-7 to the negative driver dir and pul terminals and also to the positive driver terminals with the same results. In Mach3, my port one address is 0X378. Breakout 2-7 are assigned to the correct step and driver pins with step and driver port set at 1. I've tried DirLowAct and StepLowAct both checked and unchecked. My Estop is checked with post 1 and pin 10 and active low selected. Digit trig is set at port 1 and pin 1 and is enabled.

The problem is that as I try to set the steps per unit I have had to lower my velocity to less than 1 and acceleration to 0.5 but my motors still stall and otherwise moves eratically. This especially happens when I change directions. I do have backlash values entered. I'm unable to consistently configure my steps per unit because I am moving an inconsistent distance. In its current state, I notice that when I briefly push the jog keys, the motors continue to run another 5+ seconds. I've tried multiple microsteps with the same results. I tried Sherline 1/2 pulse mode, step pulse as high as 20 and dir pulse up 5 with no improvement. My wires are not shielded.  This is my first post here. Sorry if i should have posted this elsewhere. PLEASE HELP ME!

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