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Hi All,

New user here. I did a search for a screen shot of the Home Limit screen as it would apply to my machine and I did not find anything I don't think. (could have saw it and not realized it was what I needed... would not be the first time! :-)

I just got my CRP4848 setup and running and am in the process of getting things dialed in and safe. To that end, I installed the proximity switches from CRP as well.

Setup as follows:

Home is front left hand corner

Y axis set to go front to back with positive direction moving away
X axis set to go left to right with positive direction moving to the right
Z axis set for up and down with positive direction moving up
A axis set to slave Y - working properly

The limit switches are all wired into the LeadShine MX4660 properly and work as intended (I'm pretty sure anyway)

Attached is a pic of the Home and Limit setup screen.

Hope this is enough info but if not, please ask and I'll happily clarify.

Thanks in advance!


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