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Hello again.  I've created some g-code and run it in Mach 3 and seems everything is scaled down in size.  I have Mach 3 configured to imperial (inches).
I use Inkscape to generate the svg file (in inches).  Then I use MakerCAM to create the g-code.  The final output should be about 8" x 3".  But when I run it through Mach 3, it plots it out in a very small area like 2" x 2" or so.  I've tried creating other g-code and they all seem to be scaled down to a very small area also.  Did I miss something in my configuration setup? 
Thanks in advance!

General Mach Discussion / Tool Path Not Displaying Properly
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:44:32 AM »
Hello everyone.

I'm new to this and am having issues getting started.  I recently bought a CNC machine and PC.  My PC is a Dell Optiplex 980 (refurbished).  Running Windows 7 Home (32-bit).  I am running a PNY non integrated graphics card.  Connected via parallel port.

I've installed the latest version of Mach 3.

Created g-code on my other computer and it displays properly in the tool path display screen (on that computer).  It is a Pontiac Firebird logo.

I load the g-code in Mach 3 on this PC and I get a very odd display...........a circle in one corner and an oval shape in another corner connected with the cut path.

I've also installed Mach 4 on this computer (though not using it) just to see if it displays properly.  And it displays properly in the toolpath display screen.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.



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