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Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find anything doing a search so I am hoping some of the Pros or others who may know can help with this. I have a CNC Pilot Pro 5050 and it uses a Watercoled Spindle and a VFD and it is wired up to have Mach 3 and the USB Controller/Handheld Jogger turn the Spindle on and off. It is wired and when I click on the Spindle + or - Buttons either in Mach 3 or the USB Jogger it takes it a while to slow the spindle down. So here is the question I am asking if anyone has ever done this and if it is even possible to make it work this way?

""How do I correct the settings to calibrate mach 3 to the vfd or the vfd to mach?"

Is the above question even possible? Thanks for any help. I thought there would be a way to make them sync up to have the same readings in Mach 3 and the VFD RPM Screen for the Spindle.

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