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Im using mach 3 on industrial cnc machine 4x8 table.
I have this re occuring constant problem where the right side of machine cuts correct and left side of machine cuts 1/32 over.
I have thought since the begining it was the machine and not the mach software but i have exhausted all possibilities with the machine.
I am curious , is it possible there is some setting in mach3 that would cause this to happen?

For more info i have done the following to my industrial cnc machine.
The tech supports there have been helpful even offering to pick up machine.
1) changed x driver
2) changed x cable
3) checked connections to motor.
4) installed " smooth stepper " device (supposed to make machine run better.)
5) changed parallel cables
6) changed circuit board to where printer cable gets attached.
7) calibrated mach 3 many times to see if changes were made. Using "axis calibrator"
8) realigned top racks for pinion to ride in
9) when that didnt fix it i requested entirely new racks and mounted them myself but problem still there.
10) changed computer 3 times even getting manufacturer suggested one.

I have done all these and more trying to resolve this issue. Company was willing to pick up machine but they said what i was thinking " we changed every part on the machine "

Any insight would be greatly appreciated whether its on machine or in mach 3 ....there were some other minor adjustments made in mach such as motor tuning.
This problem has occured since day one of machine (although not noticed ) and as of today its a year with same problem.

Joseph marrone inspiredcabinetry .

Much much appreciated

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