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« on: November 18, 2015, 07:34:36 PM »

I am looking to have someone create a gcode (or some mach3 file) from a custom jpg/psd file (whatever format is easier). I will require some assistance and instructions as well in regard to using the file properly for my goal. Details will be discussed individually and pay will be rewarded.

I'm sure this is asked frequently, I tried to do some quick searching but due to a time restraint I just figured I would ask it.

I recently received a CNC machine (3020T 4 Axis I believe) and set it up. I originally could not install the Mach 3 provided on the disk so I downloaded the current demo and am using that. My end goal is doing perforations in various materials so if anyone knows of a better program let me know.

Back to it, I downloaded the demo offline, set it up, and hooked everything up. I set up the machine (native unites, ports and pins, and motor tuning) within Mach 3 and then went to test movement and etc as directed by the instructions I was provided.

When using the directional keys, the units change within Mach 3, the motor tops/heads/gears? spin (one sounds a little hoarse compared to the other 2) but yet the router/spindle does not move. When I adjust the X axis position (left right keys) it moves left and right just barely but almost seems locked.

I check the connections and parallel port connection along with the port # set up and etc. I don't know how to determine if the parallel port is a addon or if it is factory/to the mother board (read this could be an issue) but I am certain it is a motherboard. My desktop is running XP of course and when I initially installed Mach 3 I tried the driver test and it was showing fine.

If anyone could help me that would be awesome! Let me know if I need to provide some more information to fix this issue. Also if you think there is a better program for doing perforations let me know (current design built in PS, don't know if that will work with these).

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