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General Mach Discussion / bitmap image with Transparent button overlay?
« on: February 16, 2019, 08:01:25 PM »
I have a Bitmap image of my ATC carousel and ontop of the Bitmap image of my carousel are Transparent buttons.  I push the buttons and the carousel moves works great.  The issue is, when the button is pushed it grays out and shows the standard gray behind the button not my bitmap image.   Its as if the button is going past the bitmap image of my carousel and showing the screen color background.  Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix it or what setting is wrong?  I tried layers in Machsreen design but no luck.

Thanks for Helping


Have an issue with a probe routine.  I turn machine on, home it and then do a touch off routine of the part in the X, Y and then the Z.  When I do the corner probe routine the Z works fine.  When I use the Z button to probe just the Z sometimes it works and sometimes it just drives the probe into the part.  I am using the wildhorse digitizer probe, it  works well.  Something is getting confused with the Z probe routine and need help to see if maybe the smooth stepper is missing something.  Attached is the routines.



General Mach Discussion / M6 START Help, Z going into soft limits
« on: February 12, 2018, 03:30:55 PM »
I have an M6 Start manual tool change script.  It works but the only problem is when I goto select OK the X and Y start to move in the right direction but the Z goes up and hits my soft limit setting.  Could anyone give me an idea of what might be wrong and why the Z does not go back to the original place at the start of the tool change?


General Mach Discussion / Mach3 spindle RPM OFF!
« on: January 25, 2018, 05:25:52 PM »
I put M3S1000 in the MDI and the spindle turns on and runs CW (which I want) but the RPM goes to 1250rpm.  I put a magnetic sensor on the pulley so I know exactly what the spindle is really spinning in RPM.  I check it with my hand held tach as well and its right on.   Back ground on my setup.  In the C32 instructions it says to run the spindle at max RPM (4000 for spindle) and adjust the trim pot for 10VDC, I did that.  When I tell Mach3 to go too 4000RPM it goes to 4100RPM.  Very confused on how to make this RPM match the requested RPM and help or ideas would be awesome.

Tread Mill motor
21 tooth timing belt pulley
DC board KBMM 225D set 90vdc 1.5HP resistor

spindle set up
18 tooth timing pulley
G0704 mill spindle

System setup
C32 board  (CNC4PC)
ESS (smooth stepper)
encoder to C52 board 3rd port on the ESS(Smooth Stepper)

Frequency set to 300
PWM % 5
PWM checked

Smooth Stepper config set to PWM
Freq 300
PWM checked

Spindle Pulley settings
Pulley 1 max speed set 4000rpm
ratio set to 1

Brains Development / OEMTRIGGER#11 USERLED1061 HELP!!!
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:48:23 PM »
I am using  OEMTRIGGER#11 as an input for a pressure sensor.  When the psi drops below 70psi in the system I am wanting to activate UserLED1061.  I have tried to make a brain for it but cannot get it to work so I am for sure doing something wrong.  I have the UserLED made and is called UserLED1061.  Here were the steps in the brain,

Input - Oemtrigger11 - no operation - UserLED1061

When the Pin becomes active the UserLED1061 should light up but it is not?

Any help would be awesome.


I have used all the Inputs 1-4 in the inputs tab on mach3.  I need to find one more input for a pressure sensor.  I do have 11-15 OEM Trig still available.   Could I assign a port and pin to the OEM Trig in the inputs tab to get the input to trip and through VB scripting either shut down the system or flash a message box on the screen for the user to see?



VB and the development of wizards / VB script for Tools?
« on: February 15, 2016, 10:55:33 PM »
Hello I am trying to learn different types of scripting so I ran across this  script and would like to understand what it is doing.  If anyone would like to explain I am all ears and eyes.

For I = 1 To 12
ToolNum = GetUserDRO(ToolDRO + (I-1))
ToolOffset = GetToolParam(ToolNum,2)
SetUserDRO(LengthDRO + (I-1),ToolOffset)
If ToolOffset < 0.0001 Then
MsgBox("Tool Length not set for Tool # " & ToolNum)
End If
Next I

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Ballistic ATC
« on: February 06, 2016, 10:55:49 PM »
Ok hello to all.  My name is Jeff.  I have been building an ATC  for my G0704 Mill.  I have modified the mill a lot and should be a good long lasting mill when fully complete and machine what ever I will throw at it.  Now for the Tool Changer.  I am building a 12 tool ATC that has a Igus double bearing slide with a Nema 1200oz/in motor and a 5:1 Planetary gear box.  To move the slide is a 1.25'' 9'' stroke air cylinder.  The cylinder has a magnetic piston with an EXT. Reed Switch and a RET. Reed switch.  The reed switches are part of the M6start macro.  PDB is a Fabco air 4'' 3 stage multi power and also has the magnetic piston in it for the EXT. and RET reed switches.  I have 3 air solenoids that are 110VAC run through relays in the control box.  Air solenoid one is for the carousel slide, #2 is for the Fabco PDB sylinder and the #3 is for an air blast when the tool is put back into the carousel to clean the tool. 

I am waiting for 3 parts to be built since I cannot do it.  Parts I am getting machined and welded is, 1 Hub that will attach the carousel to the 1/2'' gear box shaft,  part 2 is the 10'' carousel that the TTS tool holders will mount to, part 3 is a metal box that will mount to the Igus rail to house the stepper motor with the gear box attached.  The hardest part so far was making the Mach3 ATC screen set.  I have never done it before but with a little trial and error I was able to get that done.  At first it was a disaster, really messed up my mach3 and just erased the whole and started over.  So word to those who are doing screen sets be careful and make a backup of your .set file ;)  I had some knowledge of how to make the M6start macro but the real help came from a forum member ;)  Reading a lot of old post have helped a lot as well. 

If anyone is wondering what else has gone into this let me know I will share what ever I have as in knowledge so far.  Oh yes to home the carousel i am using a magnetic reed switch.  The pickup for the reed switch is a little magnet placed into the hub of the carousel.  The reed switch when the magnet passes by will close, stop the motor and then back up 30 degrees and that will be where tool one is.  I home the mill along with the ATC at mill start up.  The air system will operate at 80PSI.  I have a pressure sensor in the ATC system so that if the pressure for the ATC drops below 75psi it will message the user to check the pressure and the procedure will stop until you hit OK.

Attached are a few pics of the parts so far.  More to come when my parts are done being made.

I have 12 DRO's for Tool # and 12 DRO's for Tool Length Offset.  I have a Button on the ATC Screen called Get Verify Tool / Length Offset that I want to push to Load the first 12 Tools in the Mach3 Tool Table into the DRO's.  Anybody know how to do this or can someone point me to a post where it has been talked about?



VB and the development of wizards / ATC Screen TOOL Slot DRO's
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:20:12 AM »
I have been working on this for some time now.  I have an ATC screen that I put together and have the attached pic of it.  I have no clue of how to put a tool table together to get the Tool DRO's to read the tools in the slots and also the tool lengths from my mach3 tool table.  Any help on that would be awesome.  As can be seen from the PIC of the ATC screen,  I have a GET TOOL FROM SLOT buttons.  I would like to be able to push on the button and get the tool from the carousel and run the program and put it into the spindle.  I would like this so that I can just push the button without having to run a M6start script, sort of a manual tool change without touching the tool.  I  tried for 6 hours several different things to the script to get the Get Tool From buttons to work but just had no luck.  I would think that I could run the script for the tool change for each button but did not work.  I am missing something and that I am sure of.....



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