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I've searched for this info but have found next to nothing. The documentation of the CNC4PC c25 board says the way to wire up a probe for auto zero is to run an input wire to the bob on pins 10-13, 15 and run a 4.7k ohm res. from 5vdc pin to that input pin, and to run a wire to a bob grnd pin. What I've done is run an input wire to port1, pin15, bridged the 5vdc pin (between pins 12-13) and pin15 with a 4.7k ohm res. and run a wire to the bob grnd pin(between pin 15-16). In Mach3 in the pins and ports dialogue I've enabled the probe, set the port to 1 and the pin to 15 and left the active low and emulated to the default, which I think means it's set to active high? When I short the probe wires there is no indication that the probe is active....so what did I do wrong? I'm running the 2010 screen set, Mach3 3.043.062, and ESS v10r2d1d plugin.
Take 2:
When in the ESS Data Monitoring utility there is no response on pin 15 (in the data monitoring utility) when I short the lead from pin 15 to board GND. The homing sensors are working as expected, pins 11-13 are checked in the data monitoring utility when the sensors are triggered and unchecked when not triggered.When I put a voltmeter from GND to pin 15 (bridged to 5v through a 4.7k ohm resistor) it reads .49v and when I short the lead from pin 15 to GND the voltmeter drops to 0v...this is the expected result, right? The only thing wrong, in my uneducated guess, is that I'm not getting 5v untriggered, is this correct? This being the case, activation would not show up in the data monitoring utility because it is looking for a 5v input, correct? I'm not an electronics expert or even a newbie so I'm guessing here, is the 4.7k ohm resistor from the 5v pin( between pin 13 and 14) and pin 15 the correct resistance? How would or do I get 5v to pin 15? Or do I need to? to add to this I would need to change the probe pin configuration to active low, correct?

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