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General Mach Discussion / single axis plunge probe build
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:39:12 PM »
RE: single axis plunge probe build

I would like to build a probe that is spring loaded (1.25 travel). Mach3 or 4 would be controlling. I would use it in conjunction with the x axis on my machine. I would like to position/load the sensor and run the length of my work with the probe rising and following with the profile. Need a resulting 2d profile extrapolated(for profile regrind)from the x axis movement combined with data from the plunge probe.

Any ideas on how I should proceed? what components I will need to build this? Has anyone done a similar project?
Is there a reasonably priced product on the market that could work (hardware or software)?

I would appreciate any help/thoughts on with this.


mach3 custom routine for macro...

I am looking to create a series of custom screens (already have a screen editor) to navigate through a multi choice machining macro. I am a cnc programmer/machinist of 30 plus years but have not been exposed the VB or C. I believe I will need to dreat a dedicated plugin.

So...the question is, what do I need to learn and what direction should I go for basic vb - sdk reference so as to get started.

Thanks for reading my post


General Mach Discussion / photo or laser digitising
« on: October 23, 2015, 12:01:24 PM »
Hey, hello all. This is my first post, fairly new to mach3. I have a few questions on digitizing a 2d profile. We have build a single purpose grinding mill. It is on mach3 (mach4 next time) We are cutting and re-cutting blades about 14" long, think of any knife profile and that's about it. We want to to digitize the 2d profile automatically of the existing blade so as to re-manufacture efficiently. The method I have used so far is manual photo. I take a picture with a linear reference, create spline data over it, scale it and off I go. I need to do this automatically, with photo or laser (sick OD mini pro). As of yet I have not set any probes up in the machine. We will try the laser soon unless some productive input sends me on a different route.


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