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General Mach Discussion / Large Calibration Numbers- Opinions?
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:19:27 PM »
Not sure if I have an issue or not but thought to get anyone's input.

I've re-worked an older General Gorilla router machine(and yes there's no support) with an XHC Usb 4 axis card and larger drivers for the NEMA 34s.
We don't know the exact pitch on the rack and pinions but when measured on calipers the pinions are 16 tooth and 0.741 in diameter. Metric = 18.83. The rack measures approx 8 teeth per inch.

I'm now set to the lowest micro-stepping (400) on the driver and when using the Mach3 calibration feature I get around 19K steps per (inch).
It seems accurate when running but those numbers look higher than normal to me. 

Does anyone see an issue running it this way?

Is there any Gorilla owners that have done a similar upgrade?

Is there anyone with a similar high count machine or is it just me : ) ?



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