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General Mach Discussion / how to reduce the code
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:53:37 AM »
Hello, there's a piece of programme developed  in the following program Visuall Mill.
(Work Zero)
M6 T4
M03 S12000 Z2
X14.6644 Z-0.0033 A152.683 F350.
X14.7510 Z-0.0067 A149.331
X14.8376 Z-0.0103 A145.982
X14.9243 Z-0.0141 A142.634
X15.0109 Z-0.0180 A139.286
X15.0975 Z-0.0221 A135.936
X15.1842 Z-0.0261 A132.582
X15.2708 Z-0.0301 A129.226
X15.3575 Z-0.0339 A125.866
X15.4441 Z-0.0376 A122.505
X15.5308 Z-0.0412 A119.143
X15.6174 Z-0.0446 A115.781
X15.7040 Z-0.0480 A112.419
X15.7907 Z-0.0513 A109.060
X15.8773 Z-0.0547 A105.702
X15.9640 Z-0.0582 A102.346
Z2.0004 A102.346 F624.
M5 M9
The program will be launched by Mach3.
In this program every line will be in progress in series from (X14.6644 Z-0.0033 A152.683 F350.) to (X15.9640 Z-0.0582 A102.346) … the question is if it's possibleto shorten the number of lines if the original coordinates and the end coordinates are known. For example with the help of interpolation if it's possible in Mach3. If it's not what options should be changed in Visual Mill?

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