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General Mach Discussion / carbide inserts
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:09:15 PM »
i have a WNT facemill with a broken insert...on the side of the tool it says XD..11T3
i cant seem to locate any anywhere apart from India,
is there another insert that will match up and easier to find?


Hi, i am using a bridgeport cnc series 1 and mach3 pro..

im having to run my machine to cut at finishing depths or mach3 jumps to reset....it will cut at 0.5mm and it usually takes all day for the smallest jobs...
even cutting aluminium...ive been running it like this since Jan this year.......soon as i try cutting at proper depths......reset kicks in and i lose a couple of steps...and results in cocking the job up.
 i am stumped...i have been searching the net for months looking for answers to this....i see videos on youtube of the same type of machines cutting at proper depths without a hitch...and still no answeres
thanks for listening

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