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General Mach Discussion / X6-2200 machine with XHC-USB probing issue
« on: April 13, 2017, 01:51:12 AM »

I just received a new X6-2200 machine with XHC-USB motion card and config V2.35.6. During probing the machine moves sometimes all axis when it’s supposed to just move down in Z.
Other times it starts to move the Z axis down but stops before the probe triggers and starts to move the X axis. It then moves back to the intended probe position and does a probe routine.
Have another cnc machine with mach3 and the same file work without any problem there. This has a SmoothEthernet motion card.

Have uploaded a video to YouTube with this strange behavior.

The probe is disconnected so the machine is supposed to go down to -7.750 and retract.

On the third probe operation it stops at -1.0813, have no idea how that is possible.
Debounce delay is tested at 10 and 100.

Mach 3 version is R3.043.066.

Anyone have any idea on how to get this to work?


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