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I've read all the codes and understand what they do but it keeps getting stuck on one line: N9 G03 X14.157 Z-9. R0 F1250.
I'm guessing it has to do with the Z or the rapids to 0 or the feed speed but no matter what value I change to it won't pass this line.

Just stops no error. Any one tell me why?


N1 G17 G21 G40 G80
N2 (10mm CRB 2FL 14 LOC)
N3 T10 M06
N4 S5000 M03
N5 G54
N6 M08
N7 G90 G00 X-6.843 Y1.283
N8 G43 Z5. H10
N9 G03 X14.157 Z-9. R0 F1250.
N10 G01 X18.157
N11 G03 X-31.843 R-25.
N12 X18.157 R-25.
N13 G00 Z5.
N14 Z25. M09
N15 G91 G28 Z0
N16 G28 X0 Y0
N17 M30

I have Mach3, I have a CNC with a Delta VFD that has a RS485 input. I have a Serial to 485 adaptor for my PC. How do I get Mach3 to use the serial port rather than the Parallel port? So far doesn't sound possible without some sort of break out board but I can't find a specific introduction on what is required to make the connection.


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