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General Mach Discussion / ref to all problem
« on: July 17, 2015, 11:15:12 PM »
hello folks
I am Mukesh. I have 4 axis cnc router newly brought. I passes from some problem...
1: ref. to all problem,firstly do incorrectly then after sometime it do automatically goes correct dir

when I start my mach3 and cnc then i click on ref. to all.... XYZ axis goes correct direction and XYZ=0(mechanical coord.) but my A axis goes in opposite direction (it not goes towards the limit sensor.) then I restart mach3 and CNC both... again same problem occur... it occur 4-5 times. after 4-5 time ref.to all goes in correct direction. XYZ=0 also A axis goes in correct direction means A=0.

this problem is occur daily. what should I do?

2: power failure

suddenly when power goes off my cnc is stop at a point. and my computer is connected with UPS.. so program is running continuously but my cnc is stop because of power failure...

similarly if i remove UPS from computer and sudden power failure my cnc and computer goes off.. when power comes up. I start my mach3 and cnc... but i lost my current line from mach3...

Is there any option to save the program or log file of program... coz in NC-studio has a feature when power come ups nc- studio start from same point without reloading a file.

3. cnc off and mach3 run

when my cnc is in off condition and in my computer mach3 is run... when i do some operation in mach3 it will occur... it doesn't shows any error of port communication.

please help me from all this problem to resolve


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