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I always run my machine in inches, but now I have some code output from different software that only does mm.
So should i create a new profile and set unit to mm and change motor tuning settings accordingly.

Just figure its easier to just fire up the appropriate profile then...one for inches, one for mm.

thoughts? suggestions...

2010 screenset...when i orbit in the view(toolpath) window while cutting the machine stops...

Is this a normal thing that mach does?
I was cutting a part and noticed the retract wasn't right so i went to orbit in the window to see what it looked like..as soon as i orbit the machine stops and goes into reset.

Is there a way to see where your origin for the file is set when you load gcode?

So for example i've set my origin in my cam software to top/left corner...is there some way to display this in Mach when the gcode is loaded??

Is there a way to have different views of your cutting paths?? for example, only display current path? etc....

Do you use Soft Limits if you have limit switches on your machine?

advantages/disadvantages of enabling soft limits??


I am just getting into mach and was wondering is there a way to have your machine go to an entered value?

General Mach Discussion / newbie - limit switches
« on: May 26, 2015, 12:52:00 PM »

I have limit switches on boths ends of all my axis. In my config currently I just have home set for them.
They are all wired in a normally closed setup. When I check the diagnostic screen all of my home switches are lit, triggering it turns off the light.
So does this mean I need turn them to active low...watched the video on home limits and none seem to be set active low...i guess it depends on your setup?

Triggering the switch currently does not trigger on Estop.

also i would like to set them be limit switches as well.


Well I finally got my DIY machine running. Now onto motor tuning.
Just trying to figure out a value for steps, i'm a little confused as what should be right.

Here are some basic details on the machine:
nema 23 270oz motors, gecko 540
2005 ballscrew
1605 ballscrew
Mach configure units set to inches

help much appreciated.

So I finally got to the point of getting my home cnc machine ready for running.

Problems right off the get go with the driver install.

I'm installing on a windows 7 64bit system.
version of Mach 3 is Version R3.043.066

and installing a UC100 USB motion controller (V2.148) since there is no parallel port.

When I start mach these errors pop up:

Plugin DLL Defective. Reload

UC100 V2_148.dll - Defective Plugin Found..ignoring

Plugin DLL Defective. Reload

So now what ?!
Do I have to update Mach3?
Do I have to update the uc100?


any help much appreciated,

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