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General Mach Discussion / When in MACH3 motors begin to move ?
« on: June 13, 2007, 05:47:00 PM »
So I am french so sorry for my english
I have a CNC with this configuration
Card : xylotex XS-3525/8S-3
electric diagramm of my XS-3525/8S-3 is that one :

Motors are :
Unipolar / 2 phases
6 Volts DC (nom)
1.2 Amps / Phase (nom)
1.8 Degree/Step
80 oz/Inch
6 wires: white,black,red,red/white,green,green/white
2 1/4 inch. diameter
2 1/4 inch. length (excluding shafts)
Size 2.2 sqi Double shaft
NEMA 23 size 11/16 inch Shaft length (each) Made in Japan
Coil 1-2 = red + black + rd-wh (black is common)
Coil 3-4 = green + white + gr-wh (white is common)

Well the problem is that I configure mach3 but when I lauch GCODE "roadrunner.tap" nothing happen no movement
So I am really disappointed so I would like to know when in Mach3 motors move ?
they move when we change the velocity in Motor Tuning ans Setup ?

Thanks a lot !!

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