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I am a new user here trying to learn mach3 and cnc.
I have watched many tutorials and seached for many days now trying to understand how everything works and was starting to feel more comfortable with the mach3
 but now when I finally tried to set everything up and try to move manually or jog with a g-code (thought it would use dxf files but txt is all that works?) nothing happens.
I have tried different inputs and outputs and all that to ensure that everything is correctly set but nothing happens.
I am not in E-stop and when I press start my x-axis are running but nothing happens with the machine.

My other mate from work have made it run before but he has gotten ill and can not teach me. I didn't think it would be this hard to make the damn z-axis move an inch!
My kernel speed is on 100khz which I thought was high but idk. running from a laptop connected with an USB port. All xyz input signals are enabled and active low activated.

The xyz motor outputs are enabled but not the spindle for now.

Can anyone give me some input or do I need to give more information?
Best Regards
Swede in need.

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