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I have been posting our progress in FAQ (maybe the wrong place) with getting our G02 and G03 arcs to transition smoothly, I read most of the advice regarding cv feed rate being off and inputing G64 in the code etc - and after implementing most of this advice and trying other variables we have had little success.
Then for no real reason I switch off the tangential mode (which we need to operate the z axis rotation on our cutter plotter without having to go to 4 axis code) it ran smooth as silk.
Buoyed by this, we then tried different variables again on cv to hopefully be able to re instate the tangential mode and ...no good.
Does anyone know anything or had experience with tangential mode over riding the cv mode?
We run Rhino to generate the CAD, rhino cam 2012 standard to generate the code (3 axis) - sadly upgrading to 4 axis rhinocam is a joke, they no longer support rhinocam 2012 so you cant upgrade, you have to buy the soon to be released 2015 and then go to expert level costing +$3000 - which makes my current 2012 (costing $2000) redundant - which is a bitch.
I have asked if mach 4 might resolve this conflict issue somehow, but it seems tangential control has not yet made it to mach 4...
I am really hoping I have missed something and tangential can come back into my life and spare my shrinking hairline ! :'(

FAQs / non consistent speed during arcs
« on: February 21, 2015, 02:58:26 AM »
Hi all. We have made ourselves a cutter plotter that uses rhino for the cad and rhinocam for the cam. For long time now we have been unable to make mach3 run a consitent speed around arcs it always seems to stall at some placejust for a moment. We have a job next week to cut over 1000 shoe sole profiles and we are looking to solve this once and for all.
To explain the issue, the knife runs tangetial. And will make its way through a few compound curves well and then stops for a moment recommences the curve and stops again for a moment and finally comletes.the shape.
We are looking ahead 100 lines. The shape is a closed curve of 27points or nodes we have cv on and the g code looks clean. Im not sure what else may be the issue.
I would appreciate any suggestions and am happy to share code xml fikes or photos or video !

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