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General Mach Discussion / An unusual problem
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:56:56 AM »
As the title suggests, I have come across an unusual problem with my router.

Occasionally it will change its cutting path mid-run without apparent reason.

I was cutting an a double Archimedian spiral out of 4mm plywood, it ran the first spiral of 5 passes perfectly, then started on the second spiral, it ran one and a half passes on the second spiral Ok, then suddenly shot off at an angle and continued to cut the path from another position.  The two paths had be drawn in Illustrator, taken into Aspire 4.5 and calculated there, then exported as a .txt file to run in Mach 3 as a complete path, not separate for each spiral. I stopped the machine and put it down to a glitch without exploring what had happened.  I ran the toolpath again in the air, and there as no problem.

A couple of days ago I was machining and lozenge shaped bowl which again I had generated the outline shape in Illustrator, taken it into Aspire to model the bowl, exported it as a roughing cut and as a finishing cut.

I ran the roughing cut without problem, changed tools and started the finishing cut, after 30 seconds or so of the finishing cut, again it displaced and continued cutting the bowl, this time I let it complete and when I returned the tool to zero, the zero x had moved to the right by around 25mm and the zero y had moved down by about 6mm.  As the shape was regular, I was able to save the work by running the toolpath again a couple of times, displacing the x axis to take account of the error, then cleaning up by hand after.  I ran the path a further 4 or 5 times to correct the bad cut, and each time it ran perfectly without error.

The router and computer are both on a UPS so there should not be any problem caused by power fluctuations etc, but I am at a loss to understand what is happening, I have since run a lot of other toolpaths without problem.

Any help, advice etc. gratefully accepted.

General Mach Discussion / Problem with z axis cut
« on: September 07, 2015, 04:29:54 PM »
I am having a problem with the z axis on my 6040 machine and am looking for some help if possible.

I have drawn up a simple 2d engraving in Aspire 4.5 and selected a 45 deg included angle engraving tool with a 0.2mm flat point.

The aspire has out put the code for me which when I run it show a flat depth maximum of 1mm in the code when running on Mach3, at no point does it show any deeper cut.

However, when I measure the actual cut, it is 1.72mm deep. the other 2 axis are the correct sizes. This depth of cut is constant throughout the design

I checked the calibration of the z axis, and it is correct as near as I can measure.

Any suggestion gratefully received.

On another tack, during a cut, there was a judder and the cut was displaced laterally by 40mm on the x axis at one point, it then continued on and completed the cut perfectly after, just 40mm offset. The tool returned to zero after the cut, which was also offset by 40mm on the x axis. The work piece had not moved and the travel of the spindle was unchanged, i.e. it had not slipped on the screw somehow.

Again bright ideas for a check and solution please !!

General Mach Discussion / A smal problem
« on: March 29, 2015, 03:53:19 PM »
As the title says, I have a problem.

I just ran a set of code that I generated from Vcut in Aspire. I set the maximum cut depth as being 1mm

I have zeroed the cutter and verified that it is correct at zero, however the cut which is actually being made varies between around 0.5 mm and 2mm, at no time does the z axis exceed -1,00 according to the readout.

I am assuming I have got some basic setting incorrect somewhere, I am new to all this and the machine is new.  Could anyone offer any advice as to cause and how I might verify the problem, and then of course correct it please?

Thanks in advance

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