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General Mach Discussion / Home Setting on X axis creeping..
« on: May 05, 2015, 07:25:09 PM »
I am very new to all this but have made it this far at least...

I have a 3040 Router that all seems to be setup and working ok..
I got my home settings done, calibrated the movements etc..

I tried to just do a "skim" across my sacrificial base and as it gets going, the X axis starts creeping to one side and I end up with a very sharp obtuse box instead of a rectangle..

I made sure of all my connections, cabling out of way of interference and that all the steppers were tight at the couplings..

I then switched  X and Y axis at the controller and the issue stays with the  X port on the controller, (now the Y axis is doing this instead of the X axis)
I pulled the controller open and verified that all was tight and nothing flakey looking.. 

I am just taking a guess that something in the board is borked (is brand new)..  There are a series of dip switches and they are all set the same..

As I am new to this, I figured there may be something I simply do not know about but it looks to me like the X axis on the controller is FUBAR..

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