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Asking $1,125
I will consider reasonable offers. However, please bare in mind that this redLeaf is in perfect condition. Also, I could really use the money : ) ...but seriously.

I bought my first redLeaf system 6 months ago to power my first cnc ox styled machine. I was so thrilled with the first redLeaf, I decided to buy a second system to power the next machine I was planning on building. However, my financial situation has changed, and I'm no longer going to be able to build the second machine. I need the cash now so I'm selling this system. It's been used a total of 2 times. In both of those uses, only the computer portion of this system was powered on in order for me to mess around with mach3 and cambam. The drivers haven't even been powered on, nor have any motors been hooked up yet. It's as close to new as it can possibly be without being legitimately "BRAND NEW".

http://www.ebay.com/itm/redLeaf-CNC-Sys ... 1587357186

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