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This is a win 7 32 bit system I have been using for a few years, One day my machine just quit running code. The code scrolls, the dro's move but the carriage does not. I have tried almost everything. I thought it was my controller board so I scrapped it(not really I still have it) and went to a 4 individual drivers and those are HY DIV268N drivers and I believe that my new controller card is a JK02 mk5 5 axis control board. I am using a single 24 volt 10 amp power supply. My mach 3 is a licensed copy, and I am using rev3.043.066.  I am almost at my wits end and I come here humbly looking for some assistance. My machine is set up in mm, no exotic screensets, When I changed the drivers I also created a new machine in the Mach startup and started from scratch but alas I still have the same issue. I can jog like a madman but as soon as I select start cycle, the motors make noises but nothing moves except the dro's. Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can give. I need this machine up and running again for the xmas rush.

I am running Mach 3 version 3.043.067, win 7 64bit. With a Mach for win64 kit. I can run my machine just fine. Have working homing switches and a triquetra probe kit. For some reason I cannot get any probing scripts to run. The triquetra script will ask for touch of probe, bit size, and if I want to zero all axis or jut z. No matter which way I select (Z only or all) none of the axis will move to probe. I can use ref all home and that works just fine but no probing scripts. I have tried 9 different scripts located on various support forums and none work. Does anyone have any ideas?  I am about 6000 hairs down and pulling more by the minute. I am thinking this is either a setting issue or perhaps the Mach for win64 kit. Thanks in advance.

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