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General Mach Discussion / Dual head offsets.
« on: December 05, 2014, 08:11:28 AM »
Hi!...My name is Glaucius, this is my first post, i'm from Brazil, so sorry my bad english  ;D

My question is about programing dual head on mach3 mill, i will try to explain my case:

I build a head for a router, this head is for "screwing" a bolt on a wood and steel panel, is pneumatic and his base is bolted on the Z axis (on the plate of the Y axis), so they move only on the" Y" axis, they don't move on Z axis...

Well...i need to make a g-code to make a hole and after this the head put a screw on the hole, how a made the offsets on the more easy way?...I already made tool offsets on the Machturn and was "peace of cake", but in Mach Mill seens to be more complicated  :-\

BTW, i need to make this process (hole and screw) about 50 times on every panel, so i don't wanna be putting a lot of "G52" on the code, there is a way to make this simple like in Mach Turn?

Thanks in advance!!!


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