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SmoothStepper USB / Can't get spindle to turn on
« on: August 09, 2015, 06:25:52 PM »
I can not get a 10vdc signal on my analog output from my c32/ESS setup. I measure .4vdc constantly, but can not get anything else. I have tried to follow the manual, and no luck. I can get 10vdc to the analog, but only if I use step low active, but can not shut if off then unless I uncheck low active. When I do get that, it shows relay #1 active, if I check direction low active, relay #2 and axis 6 (rj45 port) show 1-14 and 1-16 are getting a signal. So it is obvious that I must have my pin setup wrong somehow.

I use mdi and type in s4000 m3 (top rpm) and it shows it should be running, but get nothing my my constant .4 volts.

I have tried several different setups, but this is what the manual says.
Motor outputs tab:
spindle enabled, step pin# 14, direction pin# 16, port 1 for both

It says nothing about outputs, so no change there

Spindle setup tab:
uncheck disable spindle relays
Clockwise (m3) output# 2
CCW (m4) output #1
not sure how these work and why the it states "outputs signals 1-6" when those are not valid outputs for port 1??? I thought they were only 2-9 on port 1 and 1,14,16 and 17 on port 2???
Motor control box:
check on Use spindle motor output
check on Step/dir motor

then I went to motor tuning
chose the spindle tab, turned up the velocity, moved accel to about 1/4, steps to 1000, step pulse 5, dir pulse 1.

Once I have this working correctly I can hook it up to my vfd (hitachi wj200) and deal with the "issues there", then I can actually start to cut some chips after having this mill for three years!

Please help, I am lost!

when I try to get my SEM servos to move using Mach3, nothing happens. I get the led's on my c32 to light up for step and direction, I checked with my ohm meter about checking the pins vs pinout, everything looks like it should, but no movement. It holds it's position, but no movement..... Green led flashing on the drive (DG4S)......I assume straight through pinout for the c34 board since it does not have one in the manual. I am relying on the 12vdc from the c34 to power the drivers logic circuit and did not hook up the 5vdc from the c32.

 I tried using one of the other servos, and still no luck. Holding power, but no movement with axis jogging. Might try hooking it up to another driver, but other than that, I have no idea...... I have a bad feeling it is a setting I am forgeting in mach3. How can I test if the driver itself is getting the step signals, no way to get a tester on it with the rj45's plugged in.

I might have damaged one of my SEM servos while tuning it, it started smoking and now has the burnt smell, and when I turn it by hand it has a spot that is pretty hard to turn, anyone have a spare or know of a good place to repair? I have a bad feeling about the cost to repair.......

thanks to anyone who can help, I am dead in the water until I can get this figured out.

General Mach Discussion / Limit and home switches possible?
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:43:31 PM »
My bridgeport came with axis+, axis -, and axis home switches and would like to use them all. I am planning on using shielded alarm cable and running it on 24vdc. I am using a ESS and c32 BOB and think I am going to use a c27 to use for my limit switches. This will allow me to use port 1 pin 11, 12, 13 and port 2 pin 16. So, if I run all my - limits in series, all my + limits in series, and home switches in series I think this will work? How does mach3 do homing, does it move one axis until it finds home, them moves the other until it finds home, and then the last axis until it finds home? If so, it should work, right? I don't have a ton of inputs available, but can have more if I also buy a c10 bob (might do it anyways to open up port 3 for more inputs). I really want to do this right the first time.

thanks in advance for any helpful input :)

SmoothStepper USB / wiring limit switches
« on: November 17, 2014, 05:39:14 PM »
Brief background. I have a bridgeport MDI with servos that I am retrofitting with ESS, c32, dugong drivers, antek 1500w 105v power supply, mach3 obviously. Anyways, I just started putting together the boards and cabinet after a long break from tearing the cabinet apart. I am looking at adding my limit switches, but not sure what is my best option. I am looking at running the estop and limit switches (I will be wiring both the + and - limit switches for each of the three axis) and thought I would use the optoisolated RJ45's on the c32, but it looks like I could only use RJ45 #7 and #11 as RJ45 #8 does not have four available pins to use. Anyways, if I use these, I will need to buy two c27 BOB's to wire them in, OR I could buy a c10 and use the third port on the ESS and have more choices, only problem is, they are not optoisolated, and not sure why both the c27 and c10 need resistors wired in series, would this not negate the advantage of running them on 24vdc compared to an easier 5vdc?

I plan on trying to use the + limit switches also as a home, can this be done easily? thanks in advance!

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