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General Mach Discussion / Autozero and Coordinate issues are loading G-Code
« on: November 05, 2014, 09:46:21 AM »
I have a Chinese X6-1500gt USB and using Mach3 and I am having issues with the autozero function.

When I start my machine I use the zero the machine with a touch plate. I have it set up that it wll go to my zero plate, touch, then retract. It zeros well and it is accurate. I can hit go to home and it will go right about the work piece as desired. I can move it all around the work piece manually with jog and can zero it whereever I want up to this point.  I can zero all axis with no issues yet.

The issue arrises when I load a code to mill. When I do this all the axis of my machine go to different coordinates. These coordinates change from piece to piece that I load into mach3. All axis will no longer be zeroes to the corret location. Then after I load the piece and try to use the zero tool again to get it back to where I want it. 

It will do one of two things.
1. It will either plunge down in a feed rate much faster than it is supposed to use. It will disregard the touch plate signal when the tool touches it and keep going. Only stopping when I hit the E-Stop or turn off power to the stepper motors.
2.  the other thing it will do is just not move down at all in the Z axis if I hit zero tool again. It wont let me jog the z axis either. But if I touch the probe to the z plate it will zero the piece and start retracting the z axis like it is supposed to.

I almost have to uninstall mach3 and install it again for it to start working correctly again. Turning off the program and restarting it does nothing to resolve the issues I am facing. Am I doing something wrong here? I am using vectric vcarce and aspire to make my parts that I am going to cut out. Mach3 is my program that I upload my gcode in to cut the parts. I am just confused on to why the machine will work great without issues when I first load up mach3. But after I load my gcode the script or the zero tool will not work correctly. Any ideas?

All I can really thing of is that in Aspire and Vectric that my default units are in inches and in mach3 my default unit is inches. However, I have cut out other pieces before I haven't had issues. However, these were piecs where I did not try to use the zero function as the pieces didn't require any tool changes. However my pieces are getting more complex and I am wanting to use large clearance tools and need to zero it correctly to produce a part that looks good.

Any help would be appreciated.

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