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Bargain Basement / Heidenhain control parts
« on: September 08, 2014, 11:36:09 PM »
I have for sale a pretty much complete heidenhain 351B control
with the 3 SEM dc brushed servomotors (MT30M4-24) (the pulley will not go with the drives if someone wants them)
with encoders (ID.NR. 217 900 08),
the 351B control box with the numbers
NC 237 300 11
PC 240 418 04
ID.NR 243 992 80
all cabling  
drive cables
encoder cables
operator control panel (maybe? im thinking about using the cabinet)
there is a green board that says "dist board" not sure what it is but if someone wants it I think its for sale?
3 or 4 transformers that i'm not sure i can use yet so might be for sale?
underneath another door is another board which is above the drive cabinet also might be for sale?
and of course the drive board rack, which i believe to have 2 count them two good driver boards, 2 more that are not good i believe and a psu board that i believe is toasted

here is a link to my dropbox with pictures of everything i have listed here


so here is the deal I'm not sure if this stuff is worth anything, if anyone wants them , or if I am dealing with scrap iron here so if anyone has any interest in the things I've listed feel free to shoot me an offer if anyone has an opinion of what this stuff is worth also feel free to let me know

Shipping will be determined if and when i get an offer and ask ups the price

any questions feel free to ask

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