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General Mach Discussion / Closed Loop Spindle Control (Step/Dir)
« on: August 19, 2014, 11:25:46 AM »
I have two issues.
One, is I cannot understand why the display rpms don't ever change. I can tell Mach3 S400 and change to S1000 and see a change in motor rpms but the display rpms stay at 2. I am very confused as to why this dosen't change at all when I know the encoder signals are valid. I have also wondered why I have to use an index signal instead of an encoder from the encoders tab. Seems like I would have better control over rpms with A and B encoder pulses rather than a index pulse per rev. If it is possible to use A and B signals for encoder, How do I do that?
 I have played with numerous settings and the only thing that seems to change the displayed rpms is the pully setup but again the display value stays the same when I tell Mach3 to change rpms with the "S" command.
Two, I am having trouble understanding the setup for closed loop control for the spindle. I have a feeling this will be easier once I get the rpm display to be correct.   I have complete control over my other axes, which are stepper driven, and all that remains is the spindle. :(

My spindle is a DC servo motor driven by a G320X geckodrive.
The encoder is 2500count/rev with A,B, and Z(index) pulses http://www.quantumdev.com/products/optical_encoders/qd200.html
I have the index set to pin 15 under inputs tab in Ports and Pins menu.

Thanks in advance.

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