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Mach Screens / Translations.
« on: August 06, 2014, 09:10:28 PM »
I have been working in an extense translation of Mach3,
My goal is a portuguese version of headers and even the screen set to be translated.
The one that is at hand referers to an old version,so when you apply the translation some of the features ,as ,for example, in 2010 screen , donĀ“t go so well.
I,ve translated the great majority of the program, but one is particularly difficult for me (maybe it is even impossible , if is located on encrypted files that shouldn't be messed with!)
I would like someone to help me and give me directions.
Most of the image files and png I made again, but the difficult  is when I leave (close) the program, I could not translate thos two warnings,
"Are you sure?-end session " and "Save fixtures? "
Maybe this is not the right place to put this post,please if necessary place it where it is right.

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