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Hi all! Let me start off and say first and foremost, I am not a programmer and not very comfortable with code. I am a mechanical engineer, and am trying to get our automated laser welder up and running.

What I have is a X/Y table with stepper motors and limit switches, which is controlled by the Galil 2143. I am able to jog the X/Y table around using Mach, and I have been able to run a simple G-code program generated by a DXF in LazyCam.

Now, I need to get the laser welder to fire using Mach. Using Galil language, turning on the welder is done by "ENSB 1". I believe it is on one of the I/O outputs of the Galil.

How do I configure Mach to do the same set bit command? I think it is in the extended I/O section of the configure plugin...but I really don't know how to configure that. And then even once configured, how can I say "when the table is at thse locations in X and Y, fire the laser"?

Thank you to anybody who takes the time to read this...and if someone can help me I would be extremely appreciative!


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