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General Mach Discussion / Z Axis problem
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:48:04 AM »
I’m new here & new to CNC machines. Some background:
•   I have a homemade machine. The working area is approx. 2’ x 4’ with 4” of travel on the Z axis.
•   I have ½” lead screws on all axes – 2 to 1.
•   The motors are NEMA 24 for the Y & Z axis; NEMA 34 for the X axis.
•   I am using Windows XP with Mach 3
•   The projects I am trying to cut were done on Cut 2D 1.5.
•   Right now I’m just doing simple tests such as a name plate where the letters are cut out by the machine.
•    The material I’m cutting is wood – 5” x 10”, 5/8” thick is typical. I use the bottom left corner as my X,Y origin point.

The problem I’m having is that when I start cutting the project, the CNC machine lowers the tool all the way through the work piece and actually into the table (about .02”) & stays there until it reaches the start point of the 1st letter to be cut. The machine then raises the tool & starts cutting the letters. However, it regularly lowers the tool below the bottom of the cut I want to make. It does this in between letters. Then, at the end of the cut, the bit gets lowered all the way through the piece & it stays there until it reaches the start point.
The physical set up of my machine looks OK. I’m wondering if I set up Mach 3 wrong.
Hope this is the right place to post this. If not, any suggestions as to where I can get help would be appreciated.

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