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Here is a a simple way for anyone to add tool length to their tool table. 

Do all the steps below after how establish a z home .

1. Using a 1,2,3 block or any thing that you know the exact size bring the head of your machine down to the top of the block ( can be on the vise or on the table it doesn't matter ) 
Be sure the to be able to slide the block in between the spindle face and the surface your using . Once you establish that zero out your Z.number .

2. Install tool of choice in your spindle . Pick up your cutter on top of that block . And record your Z.number in your tool offsets and APPLY and SAVE.

3.take that tool and pick it up on the block and set your z 3"(76.2mm)( or what ever height your block you are using is )

4. From here on out the set up will be the same . 

Change cutters and Tool # bring that tool down to the pick up block and go to your tool offsets. Change your tool off set length to zero 0.0 now if you look at your Z in you DRO it will be larger than your pick up block. You need to take that number and subtract your pick up block and then enter that into your offset length . APPLY AND SAVE. 
IF you did this correctly you will have the DRO Z.number the same as your pick up block .

change tool # and repeat.

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Newfangled Solutions Mach3 Wizards / adding a ne button to my page
« on: February 10, 2015, 03:17:03 PM »
hello is there a way to add a H# on my mach 3 page ??? I would like to add it by the tool . it does not have to have the length as the T # has that already. Just like to have it so I can feel comfortable  doing tool changes .


General Mach Discussion / Another tool table Question
« on: January 29, 2015, 12:00:01 PM »
I am not new to machines at all just the small machines like my IH cnc. Now I have seen so many videos and read forums and post .

this is what I have done and still not correct !!

1 .Measure all tools with height gauge and enter them into tool table and set each cutter style on the left then SAVE
2.Home out machine
3.using my master holder ( with indicator ) tool #1 come down to work piece zero and set Z zero
4.check each cutter on my 4 inch tool setter ( )

I have noticed that one of my cutters was off by 1/4"  now I have double and triple checked my lengths and still not sure what's going on.

do I need to run a program with a T and a H value for it to correct its self ?

Mach3 and G-Rex / Why does Mach 3 need a tool length?
« on: June 13, 2014, 12:21:01 PM »
Ok I run all sorts of mills at work and we never have to enter the tool length of any cutters . We work off offsets and manually pick up all of our cutters and use the tool changer everyday.
The only time I ever need to get a length is for calibrating my laser on my fidia but the rest of the machines we NEVER need length.

The only reason I ask is I want to pick up my cutters like I do at work and do manual tool changes in my IH cnc ???

Besides I don't have an extra holder for a dedicated indicator nor do I have a height gauge ???

General Mach Discussion / mach 3 limit switch config
« on: May 22, 2014, 01:35:15 PM »
I have a mill that I just bought and need to get the limit switch config fixed. When I bought the machine they worked . Now that I got it home and had to swap out computers and install mach 3  and load old settings the limit switch config is not correct ??? I have the mill running just need the limits so I can home out the machine.
any and all help is appreciated

If I am doing manual work and I shut off the spindle the phase converter errors out making me go behind the machine and hit the rest button . ??? not sure if this was an issue with the old owner as he had a different converter on it . long story short the old owner switched it to a single phase so I could run it in my garage )

any and all help is greatly appreciated

General Mach Discussion / hand controllers which is best
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:20:54 AM »
which Hand  controller works best for you ? If you can post links to which controllers you have and use.

I am trying to get some ideas here.

I would like to get a controller that has the following

motion hold
feed dial
rapid dial
cycle start

I am having issues trying to run the drivtest exe due to the fact I have a computer that was a used computer . I do not know the passwords and the test-drive exe will not run.

Long story

I bought a machine and it had its controller and computer all in a box . I transported it home and I hooked everything back up. the computer crashed and I was unable to log in on the computer as it was frozen on the start up page. I then got a computer from work as I needed a computer that had a parallel port . now I get it home and I took the old hard drive and bought a Dynex adapter to use my old hard drive that had all the Mach 3 software and configuration already on it . Now I have the issue of having the drives not working so I want to test them out. I also have an error on my phase converter ( its a Hitachi L200-2 if not mistaken and the ERROR is E13 ) .

So long story short I need to test the drives so I can get this thing running


Ok I will try to make this short . I purchased a machine from someone and I got the machine home with everything intact. I turned the computer on a couple of times and then the last time I tried it the computer would not get past the starting page . Prior to this it was working  to my knowledge with out any issues . so I try to load everything in and it would not start up. I went to the old owners shop and he looked at the hard drive and he said it was fine . He then backed up my Mach 3 files o a USB jus in case. Now I have another computer ready to use and have loaded te Mach 3 info into the "C" drive. now I power u he machine and it will not ove the machine at all. Is there  something that Iam missing ? I have had this machine for a week now and have been unable to get the darn thing to run.  now I would use the old Hard drive I n the new computer but the wire set up is way different.

So how do I load al of my parameters in to the new computer so it will work ?

soe one please help before I loose my mind . This is killing me . I don't know what else to do

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