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General Mach Discussion / Z calibration all along y axis?
« on: April 08, 2014, 08:43:07 AM »
Hi I've recently built my own diy cnc mill which works very well but i have found that the y axis is slightly higher one end by 1mm (slight sloped) this isn't usually a problem but when i engrave a long word the start of the word is deeper than the end.

I have tried to adjust this out mechanicaly but with such a small error and tools available in a home workshop can't get it exactly spot on both ends.

Can this been adjusted in software so the z axis will take this error into consideration?

Ive also built a z axis zero touch plate,  could this be used to calibrate the z along the whole y axis span?

Or could the whole bed height be calibrated to fix this?

Im sorry if this is a silly question,  im still learning alot about machining.  Any help or advice would be great.
Thanks for looking.


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