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General Mach Discussion / General help wanted
« on: April 18, 2014, 12:50:51 PM »
I am a 80 year young man who had made a few items on a Carvewright machine without a problem, but I needed better quality projects with both wood and metal.  2 years ago I built a CNC machine that will be able to do plasma or router wood cutting. The problem is after I completed the build I had 3 stents installed in my heart and several strokes that did some harm to my memory. While the machine is built and running, I need some one too help me with hands on instructions. The machine is 40"x 42" outside frame with a working area of 25"x 27" with a G540 controller and 4 stepper motors and a 48V power supply pre wired.   I am located in Monroe NY 10950 and can email me for pictures or any information. 1american@optonline.net

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