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General Mach Discussion / Stopping Distance
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:42:06 AM »
I am trying to ascertain the stopping distance I should allow for two conditions on the router I am constructing.
Currently it is not up and running yet so I cannot do exact tests.
The basic configuration consist of a 1604 ball screw with a size 42 stepper. I have a 1:2 reduction timing pulley
between stepper and ball screw. I would like to ask users based on their experience. If the axis is running at
a high  speed (whatever that may be) and the 1) Mach soft limit or 2)Electrical Over travel limit are triggered
independently how much mechanical gap should I allow to prevent the gantry smashing into the end of its stroke?
In a nut shell how fast will the axis stop moving and how far would the gantry travel when the stepper is stopped in the two conditions?
Does the momentum play a part? Thank you for your valuable input. Regards Daryn ???

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