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General Mach Discussion / Shielding
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:14:18 AM »
Hi everyone, new to Mach forum. I am a retired toolmaker and i am going to build a cnc router i am not woried about the mechanical side of things but i am trying to get guidance on the issue of using shielded cable.
I have spent many hours trawling the forum for info but i need a but of guidance if possible.
As i see it when members talk about ground you mean ground on the bob. When you talk about earth you mean mains power earth. Is this ok or am i off the plank.

I was going to build my controller with all signal shield grounds going to bob ground.
Stepper motor shield cable grounded out on the steel enclosure.
All shields connected one sidded

Am i on the right track here or as we say off the plank.
If anyoneone can help please remember i am a mechanical not electrical pearson. Thanks in advance for any help and guidance i get.
Best wishes to all.

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