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General Mach Discussion / Disable THC Temporary
« on: November 23, 2014, 07:09:28 AM »
Hi! I have THC control on my plasma torch. It works good
but sometimes i would like to disable it in an easy way when i
read reference arc voltage for new materials.
I have a THC ON/OFF button in the gui, but that doesnt seem
to do anything. Everytime i must go without THC i disable all the
THC inputs in "ports and pins" but it feels like there should be an easier
Way to Temporary disable the THC logic?

General Mach Discussion / Holes don't align to center X-axis
« on: February 18, 2014, 04:11:05 AM »
 I'am new into plasma cutting. I've managed to get a couple of
 decent cuts, but also a whole bunch of bad ones.
 At the moment i struggle with a strange problem.
 When i try to cut a 200mm shape with two holes in it on both ends
 the holes don't align to center on the x-axis. About 2 mm wrong.
 I've tried this piece four times with the exact same result. Also tried another
 one with the exact same problem.
 The shape and hole dimensions do match the cad , but i'd like to have them centered as drawn
 The holes are round and the shape it self looks fine.

 Iam using:
 * Sheetcam
 * Mach3

 Any ideas what's going on here?

 Best regards

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