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General Mach Discussion / Mach 3 backlash not working
« on: August 12, 2018, 02:25:57 AM »
I can not get mach to compensate for my backlash. Ive searched the forum and tried the 50/50/50 stuff but it seams like the backlash feature has been disabled. Im running .66 version of mach 3... Any ideas?

I have a dmc-1842 and i have used up all of my I/O ports. Can i get a non galil expansion board and use it with galil? Also what boards would work? All i can find are boards that are primarily stepper drivers.

Please help :)

General Mach Discussion / Keygrabber not displaying game controller
« on: March 10, 2018, 11:45:55 AM »
Hi all

 I've been using mach 3 and windows XP for a little while on my milling machine. I have connected a ps3 remote with the plugins and have been using it for jog and other functions through key grabber. Recently my windows XP computer died and I have been shifting everything over to a new windows 7PC. I have everything working except my PS3 key grabber buttons. When I launch keygrabber  There is no input for the game controller answer was windows XP. I went into the devices and verified the game controller is working properly any other suggestions for me to try?


I have a old Kondia CNC that had a Dynapath S10. I have recently retrofitted with Camsoft and Galil DMC-1842 and ICM-2900. You can see my other thread in this section. I have slowly been making progress with the conversion to Mach3. ( I never had camsoft running, I didn't even try.) I could not figure out the spindle control so I got a cheap Haunyang and tried to run one of the mach plug-ins. I could not get the spindle to run more that a few seconds before shutting down with a false E-stop. I tried changing the Debounce and it seemed to have no effect. I replaced the spindle harness with a shielded VFD style harness. The harness changes seemed to have no effect. I finally gave up on the plug-in and the wired the spindle threw Galil. Now I have had it working for a couple days with no false E-stops. then all of the sudden I started having issues again... :( Changing the Debounce from 10 to 100 to 1500 to 2500 none changes the issue. The E-Stop only happens when the spindle is on and I'm running a program. I have been dry running ( no cutting) with some wizards to test settings.

A few things I've tried.

Moving the computer away from the spindle ~ Seemed to help at first
Placing a piece of sheet metal between Computer and Spindle ~ Seemed to help at first
Debounce settings ~ No change
Rewired VFD with VFD shielded wire ~ No change
Manually controlled spindle with Galil and relays ~ Seemed to help at first.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

How close is too close for the computer to be to the spindle? The VFD is n the other side of the mill but the computer is fairly close to the spindle motor.

I have a few post on here about my old Kondia K-76 CNC and Dynapath System 10. I recently won an online auction for a full Camsoft retrofit. Including touch screen, Galil CS18420 board and ICM 2900, and Camsoft professional. The Camsoft software is SUPER clunky compared to the Mach3 stuff. So I want run mach3 on the camsoft hardware I have mach3 and the galil plugin installed. I have no idea how to start wiring the ICM 2900 or how to select the active pins within mach3. Anyone want to help a super newbie????? Pretty Please! :)

Hi all,

I recently acquired a old Kondia-76 CNC with a Dynapath System 10. Everything works, but the 60k memory 2,000 lines is a huge hassle. I want to keep the the Servos and Drivers, but that requires a 0-10 +- volt signal..  I've tried to research and found a few options like the KFLOP or the YAPSC:10, I still don't really understand what else is required besides a PC. the YAPS looks to be no longer available, the KFLOP looks like it needs other stuff???? Is there another option under 500 dollars?


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