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Hi Everybody

What I have here is a Flow waterjet machine that is driven by a PA8000 Rockwell Automation PLC and a windows based pc system.

We are in Thailand and have no support engineer backup for any of the PLC or the windows software and as the machine is business-critical, I have been tasked to convert this machine to run a linux based program if at all possible. The gaffer has a real dislike for anything windows based and to be honest and we are awaiting mach4 which I saw is going to available on the linux platform. The purpose of this thread will be to show in detail what needs to be done to connect mach 3 /4 / linux cnc and Panasonic servo drives, and, when I lose my way, hopefully get some help from the esteemed readers on here who helped out so much on previous threads like this one:


Ok I'm gonna go and take a bunch of photos and post those up so you can see what this thread is going to be all about  ;D

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