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I know this is probably not the correct place for this post but I've been dealing with this for several months. Not that mach support couldn't correct/identify problem. We just have not been able to get a good time for the both of us to be free.

I cut a lot of Baltic birch letters and that normally requires 2 different passes. I run a spiral down cut for the first pass and a spiral uncut for the second pass.
I can run the first pass with no problem. When I load the second pass and hit start Mach freezes and I have to restart Mach. Then it will run the second code with not problem.

It's like I'm only allowed to run one code. I have been on this purchased licenses for almost 1.5 years with no problem. This just started all of the sudden a couple months ago. I just learned
to deal with it for that long.

IF anyone knows of something please let me know..


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