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General Mach Discussion / Trajectory planning and CV
« on: February 15, 2012, 11:08:57 AM »
Hi all,

I have retrofitted a CNC plasma table for cutting of thin ducting profiles (0.6 - 1.6mm), so the cutting feed rates are quite fast (8000 -12000mm/min). The problem that I am having is that I cant seem to get the CV settings right with the post from the Map ducting software.
Attached is an example of the code.

The only way that I can get the machine to run borderline acceptable is to tune the motor velocity right down to 200mm/min, and set the CV distance to 3, but this is very slow and worse than the old analog control that I replaced.   :(

I have tried to:
1) set the look ahead higher - no change
2) tick "stop CV on angles > 89 (or 79 or 44) - the corners are better,the long arcs are smoother, but the tight curves are segments of small line, so they run with a jerky motion.( in the Map software, there is a "simplify islands" check box that removes a lot of this, but not everything.)
3) tick "Plasma mode" - no change
4) I have tried making the "look ahead" larger or smaller - no change

I have been trying to solve this problem since December, so Please, if someone has suggestions - let me know, your help will really be appreciated.



General Mach Discussion / "To go" DRO
« on: June 12, 2011, 04:03:57 AM »
Hi all,
I know that there is a button that changes the co-ordinate DRO's to the distance to go, but is there a dedicated DRO that shows the distance to go?
The reason why I ask this is that I wish to switch an output off when the distance to go is less than a certain value with a brain or macro.
Thanks, Steve

Tangent Corner / Careful where you put your tattoo's!!!
« on: December 27, 2008, 03:31:44 AM »
While talking to a woman in her forties, we started discussing tattoo's.

I asked her weather she had any.
"Yes" she replied - "I have a have a horse on my right breast, I had it done 20 years ago" and showed it to me.

I looked at it and replied "are you sure it's not a Giraffe?"

General Mach Discussion / Probing and plate alignment
« on: August 02, 2008, 02:13:55 AM »

I have a plate that is already punched with holes with 2 reference holes on the edge of the plate, now I want to plasma cut the plate.
Is it possible to use a laser probe to set the angular offset and zero position of the X and Y axes to align the plasma cutting and punching?



General Mach Discussion / Standard shapes for flame/plasma cutting
« on: July 05, 2008, 04:04:07 AM »
Does any one have a standard shapes wizard that could do the shapes in the attached file.
I am willing to pay for it.



General Mach Discussion / Custom M-code for punching
« on: June 07, 2007, 03:02:27 AM »

I am currently working on a Mach3 project for a punching machine. I am a PLC programmer
so it is no problem to connect to the PLC (Delta) via modbus ,but I need to create a custom m-code
for the punching function and I have no knowledge of vb script.
The M-code works as follows. M25 - stop axes ,punch (bit Register 2048 in PLC), when punch is in the return position
( register 2050 in plc) restart axis. This will punch one hole at co-ordinates X481.48 Y49.89 (start position for punching).
The H/14 defines 14 additional holes spaced evenly between the start position (X481.48)  and the end position (X273.08)
N170 G01 X481.48 Y49.89 M25
N175 X273.08 H/14



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