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Mach3 under Vista / MACH 3 and windows 7 setup and testing.Help!
« on: November 29, 2013, 12:42:52 AM »
Good day

I am building a desktop cnc machine for my self. i bouth 3 nema 17 steppers and a control board like image attached. but my problem is since my cnc machine has never run i dont kow if the problem is the wiring, Driver board , USB to LPT port converter , windows 7 or the mach software. so please can some one please help me on where to begin the setup of my cnc.

1) I have search online for wiring diagrams but every diagram i get the motors is wired up different, how do i insure i have them correct?
2) the driver board has dip switches, same as above every example i find they have been setup different. how do i insure correct operation ?
3) Mach software, after stating up the mach software it says "drivers initialized successfully" but when pressing the "reset" it keeps reporting emergency stop requested. how do i check correct  comport ? how  i check correct settings ? i saw when you even try and exit the mach 3 software and looking as task manager the Mach3.exe keeps running in the background
4) Does USB to LPT converter actually work ? if not how do you connect to the drive board form win 7 PC

any help is great! im at the point of giving up!

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