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General Mach Discussion / Jogging x axis speeds up spindle help plz
« on: November 04, 2013, 10:33:43 PM »
Hello all,

I am new to the cnc game and thought id try mymhand at it. I have recently converted my harbor frieght 7x12 mini lathe to cnc. I am useing the stock motor and motor controller with a G540. I can controll both axis's no problem i just figure out how to gain control of my spindle via mach and a pulse index card for threading purposes. Problem i am haveing while still in my testing phase is that if i turn on thw spindle then try to jog my x axis thenspindle speed increases and then decreases if i stop jogging. I am not sure where i went wrong im betting its a settings issue any help would be greatly apprecieated.   Thanks for your help in advance.


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